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Brain Injury

New Brain Injury/Concussion Page!

Brain injury/concussion is a serious and common condition in children and youth. We are excited to announce that we have developed a section on our website specifically dedicated to this topic! Here you will find: 

To check out the newest addition to our website and to learn more about brain injury/concussion, click here

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Parents, Youth & Families
Service Providers & Educators

Image of Families, youth, service providers & educators

Resources for families & youth, as well as service providers & educators.

Visit the new Parents, Youth & Families, Service Providers & Educators section

Learners & Researchers

Learners & Researchers

Resources for learners & researchers - anyone interested in learning more about conducting research in the field of childhood disability. Coming Soon

CanChild Store

CanChild Store

The CanChild Store provides services and new products for purchase. All proceeds are reinvested into generating knowledge to improve the lives of children and families. Store will be available soon!