Publications and Presentations

Jael Bootsma, Johanna Geytenbeek and Jan Willem Gorter wrote a letter to the editor of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology to stress the importance of reliable assessment of cognitive abilities such as language comprehension in children with severe impairments. Read the letter here

Poster presented at the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD), Paris, France in May 2019.

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The implementation of a tailored language assessment for children with (severe) motor impairments.

Jael N. Bootsma, Kristine Stadskleiv, Sara Fiske, Kim J. Oostrom, Jan Willem Gorter, Olaf Kraus de Camargo, Johanna J. Geytenbeek.

Download here.

Poster presented at the McMaster Pediatrics Child Health Research Day, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 2019

C billt poster hamilton

Involving Children in the Cross-Cultural Adaptation Process of an Accessible Language Comprehension Assessment Instrument

Jael .N. Bootsma, Olaf Kraus de Camargo,  Jan Willem Gorter, Johanna J. Geytenbeek, Kim J. Oostrom, Dayle McCauley, Sarah N. Hopmans.

Download here.

CP-NET Science and Family Day, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, October 2018

The C-BiLLT was presented by Jael Bootsma (PhD candidate) and Sarah Hopmans (RC) as an exhibit at the Annual CP-NET Science and Family Day.

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