What we learned

What do today's parents want and need from healthcare services?

The ways in which healthcare professionals interact with, and provide services to, families affect parents’ experiences with the healthcare sector. In 1996 researchers at CanChild developed a model of family-centred service and a tool (called Measure of Processes of Care, or MPOC) to measure parents’ experiences with the delivery of health services. However, since then much has changed in healthcare. In this study we are learning what today’s parents want, need and expect from healthcare services. During this presentation we will be sharing what we heard from parents about how service providers can best meet the needs of today's families. 

Dr. Peter Rosenbaum is a developmental pediatrician at McMaster University and co-founder of CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research, as well as one of the developers of the original MPOC tool. 

Ms. Elizabeth Chambers is a parent, teacher and advocate.