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I am interested in translating F-Words materials, how do I start? 

Please contact ccstore@mcmaster.ca and let us know what materials/tools you want to translate. 

What are the materials that can be translated?

What is the translation process?

  1. We will send a translation agreement.
  2. Once you or a representative from your organization signed the agreement, we will send the translation sheets (if applicable). 
  3. Please send us the translated materials along with an English back translation. It’s important to consider that the context of your location is important. We want the translation to make sense for the children in your country! 
  4. We will review the materials and provide feedback if needed. 
  5. We will upload the final version/s to our knowledge hub.


Please email ccstore@mcmaster.ca


The F-words Poster for World CP Day

A collaboration between CanChild & World CP Day

"The Six 'F-Words' for CP" is based on the paper (open access) by Dr. Peter Rosenbaum and Dr. Jan Willem Gorter, and focuses on the key areas of child development. The six F-words are Function, Family, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future.​

The poster is available in the following languages:

External Videos on the F-words 


Minhas Palavras Favoritas - F-words

A F-words video in Portuguese and Spanish (click for English subtitles) created in Brazil by the Instituto Nossa Casa

Minhas Palavras Favoritas - F-words

Mis Palabras Favoritas: F-words from CanChild on Vimeo.

Como implementar as F-words (minhas palavras favoritas) em países de baixa e média renda?

F-Words videos in Portuguese, Spanish and English based on the editorial, "Childhood disability: can people implement the F-words in low and middle-income countries--and how?" Created in Brazil by Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.

Como implementar as F-words (minhas palavras favoritas) em países de baixa e média renda?

Discapacidad infantil: Pueden las personas implementar las F-words en países de renda baja y media?

How to implement F-Words in Childhood Disability
in low and middle-income countries?


The 6 Important Words  - LA NOSTRA FAMIGLIA - GRAFICA

A F-words video in Italian (click for English subtitles) created in Italy by La Nostra Famiglia.

F-Words Tools Translations

Here you will find F-words Tools (Collage, Goal Sheet and Profile) translated in Italian, French and Brazilian Portuguese. Click on links below for free download. 

F-words Collage

F-words Goal Sheet

F-words Profile 

F-Words Agreement

F-Words Framework

F-Words Tools Examples

F-words Collage

F-words Goal Sheet

F-words Profile

F-Words Agreement

F-Words for Schools Translations


Conference Presentation Posters

Translation of the 'F-Words' Tools and the ICF Framework with the 'F-Words' into Brazilian Portuguese

Authors: Beatriz Helena Brugnaro, Ana Carolina de Campos, Nelci Adriana Cicuto Ferreira Rocha (Universidade Federal de São Carlos)


Translation of the “F-Words Tools” into Brazilian Portuguese