KidsInclusive/Enfants Inclus – Kingston Health Sciences Centre


KidsInclusive/Enfants Inclus – Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) is a Children’s Treatment Centre in Kingston, Ontario. One of the main services provided through KidsInclusive is Coordinated Service Planning (CSP). This allows families the chance to meet with all of the professionals who are involved in their child’s care and create a common plan of care, known as the Single Plan of Care. KidsInclusive/Enfants Inclus has developed their Single Plan of Care document using the F-words framework, having each F-word embedded into the main focus areas for goal-setting for the family and the child/youth. 

Currently, the KidsInclusive/Enfants Inclus – KHSC team is working towards embedding the F-words into three collective community processes:

  • Transition to kindergarten,
  • Complex special needs services and
  • Transition to adulthood.

The F-Words Song

The F-words framework focuses on key areas of child development – Function, Family, Fitness, Fun, Friends, Future (Rosenbaum & Gorter, CanChild, 2011).  This approach supports family-centred service and collaborative planning for children with disabilities.  “The F-Words Song” is a catalyst for inspiring practitioners and families to adopt a praxis fostering holistic development.

You can enjoy "The F-Words Song" here