Finding an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist in Ontario

Many parents have asked how they might find an occupational therapist (OT) or physiotherapist (PT) to provide services for their child. This flyer outlines the types of services OTs and PTs may provide for children with coordination difficulties and how to locate an OT or PT in your community.

Either an occupational therapist or physiotherapist can: 

  • Provide a thorough assessment of your child’s motor development
  • Determine how different aspects of your child’s daily life are affected
  • Help you and your child to set appropriate expectations
  • Help you, your child and others to maximize his/her strengths
  • Help you understand your child’s challenges so you can educate others and advocate 

An occupational therapist can: 

  • Teach your child ways of learning new tasks
  • Focus on self-care, school, play and leisure tasks
  • Provide adapted equipment and materials to improve task performance
  • Modify environmental factors to maximize participation

A physiotherapist can: 

  • Teach your child ways of learning new tasks
  • Address issues around balance, strength, muscle tone and endurance
  • Guide you in your selection of sports and leisure activities for success
  • Consult with coaches and physical education teachers 

Publicly and Privately-Funded Services 

Occupational therapy and physiotherapy services may be publicly or privately-funded. For children with coordination difficulties, community based services may be covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Private services may be covered by extended health coverage plans.

Publicly-funded services may be found by: 

Privately-funded services may be found by: 

Be sure to talk to the therapists about their experience working with children with coordination difficulties or Developmental Coordination Disorder when seeking services. Not all OTs and PTs are familiar with this population or have experience in providing services for these children.