Information Transfer: What do Decision-Makers Want and Need from Researchers?

2001 - 2002

The purpose of this one-year study is to examine the needs of decision-makers in the field of childhood disability services when it comes to using research-based information to shape policy. Our aim is to understand:

  1. what types of information would be most useful to decision-makers at the legislative, administrative and clinical levels; and
  2. how best to deliver information so as to reach each of these audiences.

Our specific aims are to approach a random sample of CEOs and Program Managers at both the Children's Treatment Centres (CTCs) and Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) of Ontario, as well as of policy-makers in the Ontario Ministry of Health, to conduct each of the following:

  • an assessment of the needs of decision and policy-makers regarding the types, formats and venues for receiving research results;
  • a systematic evaluation of the current ways that the informants access research information to address specific decision-making challenges they face;
  • an exploration of the optimal formats for presentation of information required for making decisions.


  • Better, more focussed understanding of the needs, preferences and current activities of decision makers with respect to finding, interpreting and using research-based information.
  • Our study findings will help to improve communications, as well as the research transfer and uptake, between CanChild and our partners in the CTCs, CCACs, ISCD and MOH 

Research Team

  • M Dobbins
  • N Plews

Funding Agency 

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - $59,698 (2001- 2002)