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Dr. Briano Di Rezze


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Briano Di Rezze is an occupational therapist, Associate Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Science and CanChild Scientist at McMaster University. The aim of his research is to examine the impact of rehabilitation interventions on everyday participation and functioning of children and youth with neurodevelopmental disability (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, and cerebral palsy). His research experience has been in developing measures useful for clinical or research purposes, such as, the Paediatric Rehabilitation Observational Measure of Fidelity (PROF), and the Autism Classification System of Functioning: Social Communication (ACSF:SC). Briano has worked clinically with children and youth with disabilities (and their families) for almost 20 years and continues to work with families and other community members to facilitate community-based research. His community-focused research supports the development and evaluation of programs that increase the participation of transition-aged youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Current projects are aimed at improving employment outcomes for youth with autism spectrum disorder.

Areas of Focus

function in autism and neurodevelopmental disability, transition to adulthood, measurement development, and community-based research


Ensuring intervention fidelity in rehabilitation research

Fidelity to treatment or intervention fidelity refers to the degree to which an intervention or program is delivered as intended.

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DMCN Author Podcast | Autism Classification System of Functioning: Social Communication (ACSF: SC)

Peter Rosenbaum and Briano di Rezze discuss autism, social communication and the Autism Classification System.

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ACSF:SC Study: In Brief

ACSF:SC (Autism Classification System of Functioning: Social Communication)

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