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Dr. Anne Klassen


Anne klassen




Dr. Anne Klassen is a Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Member of the Departments of Surgery and Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact (HEI) at McMaster University. Dr. Klassen completed her doctorate in Health Services Research at the University of Oxford in 1997. She is internationally known for her expertise in developing the Q-Portfolio series of patient-reported outcome (PRO) instruments ( for pediatric and adults patients undergoing plastic and reconstructive surgery and the TRANSITION-Q, a measure of self-management skills in adolescents aged 12 and older. She currently founds a CIHR Sex & Gender Science Chair and a CIHR Foundation Grant. These awards are being used to develop new PRO instruments to evaluate outcomes in pediatric and adult gender-affirming healthcare.

Areas of Focus

Patient-Reported Outcome; Rasch; Plastic Surgery; Cancer; Quality of Life