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Rachel Martens

Family Engagement Facilitator



Research and Knowledge Translation Support


Rachel is a mom to a busy teen born with a rare chromosome diagnosis, CP, and autism. She partners with CanChild as a Family Engagement Facilitator for their online group Parents Partnering in Research. Rachel is currently also affiliated with mentorship support for students and caregivers involved with CanChild's Family Engagement in Research (FER) course. She has partnered as well in one publication with the team and is currently working on multiple projects. She has a deep interest in furthering pediatric disability policy on a federal level. Rachel will be returning to university in the fall of 2019 with an intended focus on population health. 

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Areas of Focus

Pediatric disability policy, caregiver well-being.


Finding Community: Social Media for Families of Children with Disabilities

Disability is a culture of identity to which parents aren’t given a handbook, and families of children with disabilities often experience significant stress and feelings of isolation. Social media can be an excellent tool for connecting with other families to share lived experience, support, resources and mentorship, while the accessibility of social media can bridge the barriers of geographic distance and rare diagnoses.

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