Relevant Legislation

Legislation refers to those Acts or bodies or a body of law that codifies how a law operates and is used. Below we have listed a number of acts in Saskatchewan that address children and youth with a neurodevelopmental disorder and their families.

Government of Saskatchewan Website

Education Act, 1995

The Child Care Act

The Family Tax Credit Regulations

SR248/73 - The Disabled Children’s Prosthetic Appliances Regulations

D-7.1 Reg 8 - The Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons Program Regulations

S-8 Reg 9 - The Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability Regulations

R.S.S. 1978, Chapter E-1 (1979-02-26) - The Education of Blind and Deaf Children Act

Relevant Policies

Policy is how legislation or a law is put into action. Social policies address issues of the health, safety, and wellbeing of the members of a particular society such as health care and education. Below we have listed a number of policies in Saskatchewan that address children and youth with a neurodevelopmental disorder and their families.

The Disability Inclusion Policy Framework, June 2007

Case Management Services

In Saskatchewan, most supports and services for children and youth with disabilities and their families can be accessed through Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD).

Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD)

  • Provided by the Income Assistance and Disability Services Division of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services
  • Programs and services for individuals with disabilities and their families are provided through a network of community-based social, residential, vocational and early childhood development agencies
  • Community Case Management
  • Social workers provide direct support, assessment, planning and referrals to individuals with disabilities and their families
  • Cognitive Disability Strategy (CDS)
  • Provides services and supports to individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Autism, and Acquired Brain Injuries
  • CDS consultants work to provide families with behavioural support plans
  • Family Respite Program
  • Day Programs

Saskatchewan Association for Community Living

  • A grassroots organization that offers inclusive programs for children and youth with intellectual disabilities and their families. Visit the website to learn more about the following programs:
  • Fusion Inclusion
  • SACL Family Network
  • Kids on the Block

Saskatchewan Voice of People with Disabilities

  • The Voice is an organization which aims to promote inclusion and participation of individuals with disabilities in Saskatchewan
  • The Voice runs a camp for young women (14-24 years of age) with a disability. Visit their website to learn more about Girl Power Camps

Income Support

In addition to federal income support initiatives, the Saskatchewan government offers a financial assistance program geared to individuals and families in financial need.

Saskatchewan Assistance Program

  • Provided by Saskatchewan Social Services
  • This is a last resort program providing financial assistance for individuals and families who cannot meet basic living costs due to various reasons such as disability, illness or unemployment
  • A case plan is developed during an intake interview to determine individual need and available resources
  • Website: or call 1-866-221-5200, TTY 1-866-995-0099 for additional information

Exemption of Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP)

RDSP assets and income will not be included in determining eligibility for the Saskatchewan Assistance Program

Respite Care Services

In Saskatchewan, respite services are provided to eligible families of children with an intellectual disability as a monthly benefit.

Family Respite Program

  • With the monthly benefit, parents or caregivers can hire their own respite service provider directly to provide them with a temporary break from caregiving
  • Children and youth must be under the age of 18 and must be living in the family home. Families must take part in an assessment and provide income verification.
  • Visit the Community Living Service Delivery Family Respite Program webpage for more information about eligibility and the application process